Why KeryFlex is the Superior Choice for Nail Restoration

by | Jun 17, 2019

A fungal infection, trauma, or other condition can make your toenails look less appealing and more like a battlefield. Thickness, crumbling, discoloration, and even missing parts of your nail can all make you want to hide them from the public eye.

If you have events coming up featuring open-toed footwear, or simply just want to show off nicer nails than the ones you are currently dealing with, options exist. Among the best is KeryFlex, a nail restoration procedure we perform right here at Northwood Foot and Ankle Center.

There are always fake nails you can buy at the store, but KeryFlex presents many significant advantages over those options—especially for people who are battling stubborn nail conditions. Here are a few reasons why KeryFlex will do more for your appearance and, in certain circumstances, your nail recovery.

KeryFlex Looks and Feels Natural

Most fake nails are made from acrylic. It is a rather tough, inflexible material that just doesn’t quite look or behave the same way that normal nails do. You can usually tell when someone is wearing them.

KeryFlex, on the other hand, is designed with medical grade materials and resins to be flexible, durable, and closely matched to real toenails. You can apply polish to them just like normal toenails without affecting them in any way. You can even file them just like normal nails (although we do not recommend clipping them).

KeryFlex nails are designed with the intention of having others think they are normal nails—and for you to feel like they are your own natural nails.

KeryFlex Application is Safe and Easy

Acrylic nails tend to require acids and other substances for application, which can irritate the nail bed and cause further damage to an underlying nail that is already in rough shape.

When KeryFlex is applied in our office, it uses a procedure that’s similar to bonding a tooth at the dentist. First, we trim and file down the damaged nail as much as needed. When ready, a bonding agent is then applied to the nail, followed by a resin. An ultraviolet light is used to harden this resin, which we gradually build up and shape into a full nail. When completely molded and prepared, a sealant is applied and cured with the light one final time.

Does it sound a bit like an art form? It certainly is, and we are proud to have an experienced medical assistant and licensed cosmetologist on our staff to make sure all of our patients’ nails look their best.

The entire process takes about 30 minutes, give or take time depending upon how many nails must be treated and how extensive the damage is to them. There are no acids or other irritants used in the process, and the procedure is completely painless.

KeryFlex nails are not permanent, but tend not to need replacement for 6-8 weeks. Time may vary depending upon certain conditions, such as how much stress the nails have been under. Long distance runners, for example, might expect to need nail replacement sooner than later if their nails have been enduring a lot of impact force. We may be able to mitigate these factors and help you keep your KeryFlex nails on even longer.

Is KeryFlex the Best Option for You?

While we would love to provide KeryFlex nail restoration for everyone, there are certain circumstances where it is not a reasonable option.

KeryFlex does not bond to the skin. Enough of the natural nail should still remain to serve as a foundation for applying the resin. In most cases, at least 15 percent or so of the natural nail should still be present.

Additionally, patients who have peripheral vascular disease, other circulation problems, peripheral neuropathy, or ingrown toenails should not receive a KeryFlex procedure—at least not without proper evaluation first. There may also be concerns for patients who are pregnant, nursing, or who (in very rare cases) may be allergic to any of the ingredients used in the resin or bonding agents.

If you have any questions or interest in KeryFlex nail restoration for giving you a clearer outlook on your future, please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation appointment. Call our office at (616) 393-8886 and we will be happy to help. If you would prefer to contact us electronically, you can fill out our contact form instead and a member of our staff will respond.

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