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by | Apr 6, 2018

In order to serve as many members of our greater West Michigan community as possible, Northwood Foot and Ankle Center has opened a satellite office in St. Joseph. We are excited to provide exceptional foot care services for patients just down the coast from those who see us at our main Holland branch.

Now, when we started thinking about writing a post dedicated to our new office, we decided to go in a slightly different direction and give the spotlight to some of the local attractions and events that make St. Joseph such an awesome place to live and visit.

As we talk about all of the options, and when you actually are out in town, it’s important to keep something in mind – foot pain is not normal. If you’re taking your children or grandchildren to Curious Kids’ Museum or spending the afternoon at The Heritage Museum and your heel starts to hurt, this is not something to ignore.

Pain is an indication of a problem, one that needs attention.

We hope you are able to enjoy the following activities and events pain-free, but contact our office if you feel anything out of the ordinary. Our team can provide the treatment you need.

One of the very cool things about the St. Joseph community is the wide assortment of outdoor activities and events. Let’s start with some featuring a favorite local natural resource – the Galien River.

No matter if you’re interested in a serene kayaking experience or an awesome core workout while stand-up paddleboarding—Third Coast Paddling Shop rents equipment (in case you don’t own any yourself)—you have some excellent options for spending time on the river.

While you kayak or paddleboard along the Galien, you can potentially see various animals and birds, like beavers, deer, Great Blue Herons, and other rarely-seen birds. Further, there are beautiful plants, flowers, and flora lining parts of the river.

For land-based natural exercise, you and your family might want to plan a day (or two) at the nearby Warren Dunes State Park.

This state park has over 1,500 acres of dunes and lakefront camping, and is open all year-round. At Warren Dunes, you can go hiking in the spring, summer, and fall, and snowshoeing or cross-country skiing on snowy Michigan winter days.

If your family is into camping, you can take advantage of any of the 197 campsites that feature running water (hot and cold), electricity, bathrooms, and showers. The campsite fire circles are perfect for s’mores and scary stories ‘round the campfire at night!

There are many opportunities to walk around in St. Joseph, and one you may want to consider taking advantage of is the Krasl Art Fair on the Buff.

The fair is being held at Lake Bluff Park on the weekend after the 4th of July this year and constitutes an opportunity to appreciate creative endeavors and perhaps support artists from all over the nation by buying any works that catch your eye (if you’re so inclined).

Fun fact: The Krasl Art Center is accredited by the American Association of Museums in Washington D.C.

Beyond the summer fair, the KAC has three galleries where artwork of national and international renowned artists are displayed – with new exhibitions going up every couple of months. If you appreciate the arts, you may wish to attend any of the workshops, tours, and art classes—many of which do not cost anything—that are open to the public.

When it comes to treating foot and ankle sports injuries (and certain other conditions), a major component of a successful treatment plan is to rest. This is usually something best done at home, but if you happen to be out and about in St. Joseph, you can take a load off of recovering feet with a ride on the Silver Beach Carousel.

The Silver Beach Carousel is open all year and features 48 hand-carved menagerie figures and two chariots that will transport you back to your childhood. Even better, the carousel is a great way to help your children develop some happy memories of their own!

In addition to the carousel itself, the Silver Beach Amusement Park’s carousel house and attached museum are filled with memorabilia from the park’s previous generations (1892-1971).

St. Joseph Office

If you want to snack while at Silver Beach, the concession stand has popcorn and cotton candy available, to complete the nostalgic experience.

From a budgetary perspective, this can be a reasonably priced family outing. A single ride is $3, but 12 tokens is only $20. Further, admission to the carousel house and museum are free, carousel rides are half-off every Thursday during fall through spring, and the park has various free activities throughout the year. (Make sure you check out their website for details!)

As podiatrists, we know feet are highly-intricate structures. The people at Water Street Glassworks probably know a thing or two about detailed structures too!

Water Street Glassworks offers a variety of classes in subjects ranging from glassblowing to welding and blacksmithing for teens and adults. This public access, nonprofit school offers studio tours, special classes, and team-building events.

After a day learning about glass casting and how to craft stained glass, you can head next door and enjoy some locally-produced gelato at GelatoWorks. Not only are the treats delicious, but proceeds are used to help fund the Water Street Glassworks programs!

Obviously, St. Joseph offers numerous options for staying active and on your feet, which is outstanding because that is such an essential part of optimal health and wellbeing. Of course, so too is making smart dietary decisions and eating well.

To that end, residents in the area are lucky to have so many wonderful choices for places to eat and buy foods that are not only delicious, but are also good for you.

Fresh fruits and veggies provide your body (and your feet!) with the right nutrients to replenish fatigued cells and develop strong tissues. Well, you can load up on “clean eating” staples at the St. Joseph Farmer Market!

Starting on May 4th, the summer market will be open on Fridays from 3:00-6:30 PM. The market’s website updates their “What’s New?” tab so you can know what to expect and have an idea as to what will be available every week.

If the St. Joseph Farmer Market hours don’t work for you, perhaps the Baroda Farmers Market will be better. This one opens for the season on May 12th and closes in October. The hours are 9 AM – 2 PM every Saturday and Sunday.

You can also go to individual farms to pick up fresh produce. Big Dan’s, Tee-Mendus, Stover’s, Bob’s Barn, Lehman’s, Degrandchamp’s, Jollay, and JW Morlock & Girls are some of the local farms and orchards worth checking out.

In addition to fruits and veggies, another base of a healthy dietary plan is low-fat dairy products. In town, Shuler Dairy Farms uses sustainable farming practices to produce milk and other dairy products you may want to include in your regular diet.

For the kids, Shuler’s has a petting zoo, gives tours, and sells hand-crafted ice cream.

When it comes to all St. Joseph has to offer both residents and visitors, this is but a small sample! If you live in the area, we encourage you to get out and explore your local community.

Getting out and being active is instrumental if you want to have the best possible health. Of course, a body in motion is a body that has a certain degree of risk for injury. Now, the benefits from active living considerably outweigh the risk of injury, so you can’t use that as an excuse not to engage in some regular exercise!

Also, most foot and ankle injuries are treated effectively without surgery. So, if you do hurt one of your lower limbs while out on the town—or at any time, actually—contact Northwood Foot and Ankle Center. We will assess the problem and then create a customized treatment plan for you.

Call us today for more information at (269) 429-7670 to speak with one of our friendly team members. While on the line, don’t hesitate to ask for an appointment if you need professional treatment from an experienced, skilled doctor.

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