Our Commitment to Diabetic Foot Care Patients

by | Nov 30, 2018

Diabetes is a personal challenge for many, but no one should feel they face it alone.

Many of the people around you live their daily lives with this condition. If you don’t know someone who has diabetes, it’s likely that someone has just never told you.

The purpose of National Diabetes Awareness Month in November is not so much a reminder for those who have diabetes. It is more a reminder that there is support for those who live with it, and for those who don’t can be more mindful and supportive of their diabetic neighbors.

There are many facets of diabetic living where the right support can be essential. There are many resources for diet, fitness, discussion, and many other physical and emotional needs. Our support specialty lies with foot care, naturally.

We have discussed in a previous blog why diabetic foot care is so vital to one’s overall health. Proper foot care is far from a standard check-up at our office now and then. It also expands into the daily attention you give your feet, preventative care, what you wear, and even how you exercise.

At Northwood Foot and Ankle Center, we are committed to providing the best care and advice to all our patients who live with diabetes. This encompasses not only patients who may currently have wounds or other problems in need of treatment, but for those who must take action to prevent their risks of complications.

All diabetic patients should have a reliable, attentive place to turn to for their foot and ankle needs. That is the very role we wish to serve in our community.

When any patient come to us for diabetic foot care, we want to assure them of several things.

We will do all we can to provide you affordable diabetic shoes.

The correct kind of shoes can go to great lengths towards maintaining comfort and mobility. They can also help prevent the irritations and imbalances in weight distribution that may lead to the development of sores and other potentially dangerous injuries.

Having a pair of diabetic shoes customized for your individual foot shape and needs is important. If it is determined you could benefit from them, we want to do all we can to ensure you are supplied with regular updates that adjust to your feet.

Our office will work with your insurance and primary care physicians to cover the cost of one pair of diabetic shoes per year. Unfortunately, not all insurance may fully cover these devices. If we can’t make the cost zero for you, we will try to make it as low as possible.

We will get you in same-day for immediate needs.

Time can be a crucial element when an issue is discovered with diabetic feet. Perhaps an injury has been suffered that is in need of immediate attention, or a problem such as ingrown toenail should be treated before the risk of infection rises.

Our doctors and staff are prepared to accommodate the needs of diabetic patients when time is of the essence. We will do our best to bend over backwards with our schedule to fit you in on the same day. Being reliable means being available.

We want to make sure you are equipped beyond our visits.

When problems arise, we want to treat them as quickly and effectively as possible. However, this is still a reactionary way of addressing problems.

A proactive and preventative approach to diabetic foot care will help prevent more dangerous situations from developing. It will also make for much more consistent, comfortable living on daily basis!

While we recommend coming in for a podiatric check-up at least once a year, depending on your condition and needs, that leaves many more days each year to take care of yourself.

That is why we may also recommend or provide items and advice that will help you sustain and extend your diabetic foot health for years to come. Soft and seamless diabetic socks can help prevent further irritation against the feet. Specific lotions may be best to prevent dryness and cracking during winter months. Certain exercises might help strengthen the muscles around your feet and ankles, providing additional stability and range of motion.

If we are able to take consistent notes of your needs and how your feet have changed over time, we can make sure to provide the best, individualized advice for you. That’s the benefit of having professionals in your corner!

Consistency is key. Having a community who is both supportive and accountable is the best way to keep your best interests in mind for diabetic living. Also, when people receive the best attention and care, they are better equipped to provide attention and care to others.

In other words, we are all in this together.

Whether you have visited us in the past or are a brand-new patient, we want to provide expert support for your diabetic foot care needs. Our offices will be happy to hear from you, so please call either of our locations:

  • Holland – (616) 393-8886
  • Joseph – (269) 429-7670

If you prefer to send us your questions or appointment requests online, you may do so by filling out our online contact form.

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