Summer Is Coming

facebook616-393-8886With Monday (5/28) being Memorial Day, we were curious about the holiday’s origins and found that it was actually only officially declared by the federal government back in 1967. The fact the holiday isn’t older was a bit surprising, although its...

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Foot Pain After the Fifth Third River Bank Run

facebook616-393-8886Tomorrow (5/12) is the 41st annual Fifth Third River Bank Run and there are over 18,000 people expected to participate in the: 5K Community Walk; 5K Run; 10K Run; 25K Handcycle Race; 25K Wheelchair Race; And 25K Race. Perhaps you’re going to be one...

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Are You Ready for the Tulip Time Run?

facebook616-393-8886It’s no big secret—and especially not here in West Michigan—that Tulip Time 2018 is almost upon us! Now, this means a lot of different things, some of which are connected to foot health in some way, shape, or form. After all, this is a festival...

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Sports and Foot Health

facebook616-393-8886There are so many reasons to lead an active life. The physical benefits include weight management, reduced risk of various diseases (like diabetes), and a stronger body. Additionally, regular exercise leads to better overall mood, more restful...

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Our New St. Joseph Office

The team at Northwood Foot and Ankle Center focus on some of the numerous activities and events available in St. Joseph’s – the site of their new office. Learn about local treasures in this post. If foot or ankle pain is keeping you from enjoying any of them, contact Northwood today and request your appointment. They will help you find the relief you need!

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Why See A Podiatrist?

facebook 616-393-8886   Sometimes in life it’s easy to know when you need professional help. If your car engine is producing smoke, you need to go to a mechanic. If you’re being sued, you need a lawyer. And if you have a medical issue, you need to see a doctor....

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